Committed to serving the common good.

AD LIMINA is a strategic fundraising and communications consulting firm that partners with charitable organisations to advance their mission.

Our expertise spans from development strategy to fundraising and communications.

We partner with non-profits of all sizes across a variety of sectors – including education, health, faith and culture. We also support companies seeking to embrace their corporate social responsibility.


AD LIMINA was founded in France in 2013 by Sébastien Barasinski and Hélène de Feydeau.

Sébastien was building on a strong experience in the business and scientific world. Hélène had successfully led fundraising departments in several prestigious institutions. From that encounter and their joined commitment to the greater good was born AD LIMINA.

AD LIMINA has grown extensively ever since – now serving clients across France and the United Kingdom.


These two words come from a Latin expression that means "at the threshold".

The threshold of the encounter: a sometimes-improbable meeting between worlds that everything could oppose. Yet, a fruitful meeting. And often a great source of innovation and new synergies.

"At the threshold" – as if to take a step forward, to dare to partner and explore new opportunities for the future.
The holistic development of the human being.


We believe that the development of resources, actions and programmes is never an objective in itself. This development only makes sense if it promotes the whole individual and all individuals.

The non-profit sectors – education, culture, solidarity, faith – each have their part to play in realising this vision.

Our commitment to serving the non-profit sector grows from that vision. And this requirement motivates the choices, advices and recommendations we make to our clients.