An engineer by training, Sébastien Barasinski began his career as an executive in a large group, leader in the nanotechnology sector. This ten-year experience in the private sector brings him professionalism, methodologies and expertise in change management.

ESSEC — Certificat Français du Fundraising
École des Mines de Paris — BADGE Management Associatif
Grenoble INP — Ingénieur en microélectronique

In 2013, his continued commitment to serving the common good led him to found AD LIMINA

In charge of fundraising in a charity, he realised how fruitful joining the business world and the voluntary sector could be. Driven by his initial successes, the desire for greater commitment led him to take the plunge.

In 2009, he joined the non-profit sector and held various responsibilities in project management, communication and fundraising. He quickly moves to serving as an independent consultant specialising in fundraising, and conducts campaigns for charities and faith-based organisations ranging from a few tens of thousands to several million euros.


A team of experts
AD LIMINA consultants are trained and experienced professionals in strategy, communication and fundraising. They have either held various positions of responsibility for several years within organisations in the non-profit sector or have gathered solid track record as fundraising consultants serving a variety of projects and organisations.